‘Avengers: Endgame’ Review “Farewell Tour”

Avengers: Endgame is a movie of moments. Its predecessor Infinity War was a movie of minutes. The former felt a bit like Marvel homework as most seconds were spent placing pieces across a chess board for a game the audience didn’t get to play. Despite the interesting and dramatic choice of framing its villain as…

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Review: ‘Hell of a Night’

This was an unquestionably good episode of Game of Thrones, the best in years (qualified praise since there’s only been a handful of episodes), and this is what TV from a cultural standpoint is all about. Well received, good non-clunky fan service and payoffs. When a show can just film people talking in a dimly…

Why ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’ Will Be A Success

UPDATE: Pokemon Detective Pikachu opened to $170M worldwide on a $150M budget. Anytime you cover your budget opening weekend it is an unqualified success. Pokémon + Ryan Reynolds + Guardians of the Galaxy writer + Competent Director + Several 1’s and 0’s = A Whole Lotta Money The idea of heart-throb Ryan Reynolds being cast…

Most Anticipated Film & Video Games of February

February 2019 8th – Cold Pursuit 13th – Happy Death Day 2U Isn’t It Romantic 15th – Crackdown 3 Far Cry New Dawn Metro Exodus 22nd – How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Anthem  

Why The Oscars Got it Wrong

I was looking forward to hearing Toni Collette for Best Actress in Hereditary. It is man or woman to be the best performance of 2018. My brother loved the movie, my sister not so much. Most people, even some who didn’t like it can look at that performance as deserving of recognition. Collette is already an Oscar nominee….