I am a certain type of film guy. I don’t really even like saying film since it is less and less accurate nowadays but bear with me. I believe foremost films should entertain, and secondly if contained (*almost always) send a message. Much of the time a message is already inherent either consciously or subconsciously in the filmmaking context. I have been taught to muse philosophically on film but I can only go so far. I always prefer a good action scene and narrative film over visual poetry and experimentation. Many other film students indulge in the pretentiousness and art of filmmaking but not me.

Where video games come in is playing a film and fast forwarding to the good parts. As we have just lived through the golden age of gaming the storytelling and gameplay options in the medium have evolved in complexity as has its audience. My goal apart from having fun playing them is occasionally dig deeper into the thematics most surface level reviews usually avoid. I enjoy fun but the more you put into something the more you can get out as well. Hopefully this website blog will log some of that.