Established in March 2012, I was encouraged by my brother to write a review for The Hunger Games upon its release and have it put up on a website/blog. Doing so I received positive feedback and kept at it. As time went on I filled content with other types of analysis and special features such as What Do You Think? for trailers, Best Scenes, The Six, and a few deeper analytic pieces and lists on games and film topics that are close to me. Later I broadened my reviews to include special events and television. As I pursued my Communications Honours degree with a Minor in Film Studies at the University of Ottawa (Class of 2017), I occasionally completed projects that intersected with my hobby and topics on this website. Most of these special analysis written from school are included under the Case Studies section.

My intention going forward is to further turn FilmGamer into a sort of media enterprise. I link to this site from my Facebook Page and seek further integration with my YouTube page. Last year I purchased the domain officially and started taking on review contributions in the form of my friend Arclas who reviews movies with slightly different taste on a less analytical scale. I seek further partnering opportunities with other capable media avatars as the site matures and hope to have a good running vlog with full social media integration in the near future! Until then keep watching and playing! is a domain owned and operated by William R. Hume

University of Ottawa Graduation

William Robertson Hume received his Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Minor in Film Studies at the University of Ottawa from which he graduated in 2017.

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