Established in March 2012, I was encouraged by my brother to write a review for The Hunger Games and I haven’t stopped since. As time goes on I fill in with other types of content analysis with features like What Do You Think?, Best Scenes, The Six, and a few deeper analytic think pieces in Case Studies. I have broadened my reviews to also include random special events and television. As I pursued my Communications Honours degree with a Film Minor at the University of Ottawa (2017), I occasionally completed projects that intersected with my hobby and topics on this website. Most of these special analysis written from school are included under the Case Studies section.

My intention is to turn FilmGamer into a sort of media enterprise. This site has connection to a Facebook Page and will further integrate with a YouTube channel. In 2016 I purchased the domain officially and started taking on review contributions from others who review movies with altering taste on a less analytical scale. I seek further partnering opportunities with other capable media avatars as the site matures and will continue to grow in the near future! At the very least, this website/ blog will serve as a museum and point of view of the media in the early 21st century and will perhaps continue unto mine old age.

My style of critique often alternates. I always try and do a review adding fresh commentary that hasn’t been repeated by every other critic ad nauseum. Incorporating my Communications background I usually try to stack my reviews in favour of objective viewpoints as much as possible with partiality to Intersectional Feminist views. This is consistent with my university education and ‘PC’ culture although I recognize that complete objectivity is a fallacy of thought and I don’t like to have my political views bog down enjoyment of a movie. People do come here to read my own point of view so when it comes down to it if I can only explain how a movie or piece of media affected me it is worth putting down.

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University of Ottawa Graduation
William Robertson Hume received his Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Minor in Film Studies at the University of Ottawa from which he graduated in 2017.
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