Case 3: Crisis Communication – The Microsoft Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Analysis/ Context of Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Problem Affecting Stakeholders Figure 1:Crisis framing applied to the Xbox 360’s life cycle The scope of Microsoft’s Billion-dollar problem: ‘Xbox 360’s Red Ring of death’ coined by the early social media age of the mid 2000’s is difficult to discern, because it is so unique in nature. Its place…

Modern Electronic Film Composing in the 2010’s: Case ‘Legacy & Oblivion’

Featuring the music composed by “Daft Punk” and “M83”: Mission Statement: Big-time Hollywood director Joseph Kosinski made his mark on movie history landing an expensive debut with Tron Legacy and following it up with the relatively big Oblivion, an adaptation of his own sci-fi treatment. Both times he collaborated with musicians outside the movie industry….